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3 Piece - RK Raspberry Ketone Anti-Cellulite Kit

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The Ultimate Anti-Cellulite Kit to Help Fight the Appearance of Cellulite

Many discover that the anti-cellulite and whole body detox supplements in the RK Raspberry Ketone Anti-Cellulite Kit helps to fight the appearance of cellulite.  The 3 Piece Kit contains 4 active KEY ingredients: Raspberry Ketones, a blend of 244 natural, naturally occurring amino acids, REGU®-Slim and Skinmimics®.  The exfoliating body gloves are used in the shower instead of a wash cloth to help improve circulation and decrease dead surface skin to help improve absorption of the RK Ultra Lean anti-cellulite lotion.

RK Ultra Lean® Raspberry Ketone Anti-Fat, Anti-Cellulite Lotion is a clinically formulated skin-firming, anti-cellulite oil free body lotion designed to help reduce adipose tissue thickness and improve skin surface appearance.  This Raspberry Ketone Lotion is to be used on problem areas such as belly fat, back fat, dimply legs, saggy upper arms and neck to help fight loose skin and improve the appearance of cellulite and ‘orange-peel dimples’ and fight fat.
RK Ultra Lean contains: 244 natural amino acids to fight abnormal fat; 3% REGU®-Slim which is a patented, unique, multi-active re-shaping and smoothing complex that helps speed up the transport of fatty acids to the cell mitochondria to be decomposed.  The manufacturer of REGU®-Slim claims that women in an independent clinical study obtained positive results with a base lotion containing 2% of REGU®-Slim, however RK Ultra Lean contains 3% REGU®-Slim.

Skinmimics® is also in the RK Raspberry Ketone Ultra Lean anti-cellulite lotion, which is an additional patented ingredient that the manufacturer claims helps repair the dry, damaged, mature upper layer of the skin. Another unique benefit of the RK Ultra Lean Anti-Cellulite cream is it contains a proprietary blend of homeopathic ingredients to fight aging and toxins.  RK Ultra Lean® Raspberry Ketone Anti-Fat, Anti-Cellulite Lotion is also free of toxic paraben preservatives and synthetic fragrances (parfum), which have been linked to breast cancer and is never tested on animals. In other words, it not only fights cellulite but does it without toxic preservatives. 

RK Detox Drops is an easy to use, homeopathic whole body detox supplement formula that is added to water and sipped on throughout the day, each day.  It is in the kit to help drainage of toxins. We live in a world with many environmental chemicals and some may end up storing in the body's deep fat and can contribute to ‘toxic stored fat’ and cellulite.  Many health organizations continue to do research and develop products and programs that offer total body wellness. As the chemicals on our food and in our environment enter the body, proper and effective removal is very important to get fit and trim, reduce the appearance of cellulite and to help keep abnormal fat from being a problem.

Exfoliating gloves

Many people complain of dry skin and can benefit by sloughing-off the surface layer of skin with exfoliating gloves and Citrus body wash in their daily shower. Clean exfoliated skin allows body lotion to absorb better too.


(1)(2) Effect of topical application of raspberry ketone on dermal production of insulin-like growth factor-I in mice and on hair growth and skin elasticity in humans  (

Full Text (PDF)


Exfoliate your entire body daily in your shower. For even better results, use with Concentrated Citrus Body Wash to increase circulation.

RK Detox Drops are designed to support detoxification of the entire body with just one detox formula. They are simple and easy to use. Just add 45 drops to a 32 ounce bottle of water and sip throughout the day - every day. To fight fatigue, stress and stored body fat, add B-Max Lipotropic Drops to your water each day too.

RK Ultra Lean Anti-Fat, Anti-Cellulite Lotion: apply twice (2 times) daily on exfoliated, clean dry skin to abnormal fat and/or problem areas such as belly fat, back fat, dimply legs, saggy upper arms and neck to fight aging skin and help the appearance of cellulite and ‘orange-peel dimples’.


  • Lab tests and results for REGU®-Slim and Skinmimics® were performed by the companies who produce, manufacture and test ingredients as referenced above.
  • The companies, in some instances, also contract with independent labs for research and testing purposes. 
  • Ingredient links on this website are provided for educational purposes and no claims are made to their accuracy. 
  • We (COMPANY) make NO CLAIMS about the RK Ultra Lean lotion performance or results, nor has COMPANY performed clinical or scientific trials and/or tests and/or results and should not be misconstrued as such.

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