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Diet 4 Phases

What is the 4 Phase Diet Plan?diet-4-phases.jpg

The 4 Phase Diet Plan offers a choice of 2 similar but different plans. Both consist of 4 Phases and are super effective ways to lose weight fast and combine a sensible diet with natural weight loss products and additional optional supplements to help lose belly fat and boost metabolism.  Both plans strive to: (1) help calm the nervous system and help get it out of overdrive; (2) support a more efficient digestive system; (3) help improve detoxification; and (4) support a ramped up, more efficient fat-burning metabolic system.  The core of both diet plans utilizes the principals of the Dr. Simeons diet incorporating the 244 natural amino acids he used in his work with dieters in the 1950s.  However, his plan was just a diet and our plans are just that: a ‘plan’.  Our Diet Plans are more advanced and much more sophisticated than the Dr. Simeons diet as you will soon discover, but the basic underlying concepts and success stem from his work.

The 4 Phases are a Healthy Way to Lose Weight

The 4 Phases are really a healthy weight to lose weight because they consist of 4 specific Phases while moving through the weight loss plan. It begins with Phase I with a natural body detox 'prep’ phase; then Phase II is the actual diet phase where people lose weight super-fast based on the Dr. Simeons diet and weight loss products; Phase III and Phase IV are 2 specific easy transitions after the diet before moving into a life-time of maintaining the new weight.  Either plan offers a very effective way to lose weight and are designed to help people get off the diet roller coaster, as well as re-balance and re-nourish out of balance systems that oftentimes contribute to weight problems in the first place. The initial clinical research backing the success of these 4-Phase weight loss programs began in 2007 under the direct supervision of Naturopath, Beth Golden and her licensed medical staff.  Today, dieters still continue to get excellent results with these plans.

  • Phase I - Natural Whole Body Detoxification 

The natural body detox 'prep’ phase offers a choice of 2 detox plans in ready-made kits.  There is a choice of the 30-day comprehensive detox kit or the 7-Day Quick and Easy Detox Cleanse Kit, which include the best in detox supplements.   We also recommend ordering and using a personal portable infrared sauna for further detoxification and it will improve circulation, lymphatic flow, better removal of stored toxins and can burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes. Synergistically designed, infrared saunas work from the inside out. Learn more about the benefits of our complete line of Detoxification Kits and Plans.

  • Phase II – Shows You How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy

This is the actual weight loss / diet phase and either of the 2 Diet Plans finally offers weight loss solutions for many.  These plans are based on the Dr. Simeons Diet, however they include weight loss supplements too.  The Diet is followed for a minimum of 3 weeks - up to several months, depending on the amount of excess fat and weight desired to lose. The diet consists of balanced meal plans of 8 servings of food a day, including 2 proteins; 2 vegetables; 2 fruits and 2 starches. This diet is just part of an entire plan designed to support some of the imbalances, as well as emotional reasons for weight problems.  People who follow the 4 Phases generally lose anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds a month. Woman generally lose 15 - 20 pounds a month and men lose about 20 - 25 pounds a month. Learn more about losing weight fast with the Diet Plans and Diet Support Kits.

  • Phase III – 21 Day Transition: Add all foods but sugar and starch

The 3 weeks after the Diet are exciting! When the goal weight has been reached, the Diet portion is over and all foods, except sugar and starch, can be added back into the diet. Specific supplements are recommended at this point to assist with better digestion and to help break down fats.

  • Phase IV – 21 Day Stabilization: Add all foods

In this final 3 week phase, all foods are not added back into the diet and specific supplements are used to support the stabilization of the lost weight.

  • Maintain the New Weight!

When the 4 phase Diet Plan is followed exactly, people consistently lose from 15 - 25 pounds a month and never gain it back. To maintain the weight loss, weigh every day and follow the protocol to stay within 2 pounds of the end weight! Learn more about Maintaining a Goal Weight