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E-book - Simeons Diet Pounds and Inches Manuscript (FREE download)

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Dr Simeon's Diet Pounds and Inches Manuscript, A New Approach to Obesity - FREE downloadable e-book

Everyone interested learning more about they 3 types of fat, about abnormal vs normal fat, about the regulation of the hypothalamus gland as it relates to obesity, should download a copy of Pounds and Inches and read every word of it many times.  The download is free and is the complete Pounds and Inches, A New Approach to Obesity Manuscript by ATW Simeons written in the 60s to help Doctors and lay people better understand the underlying concept, findings and ultimate success of the Simeon's Diet and the 500 calories a day diet.

The Simeons' manuscript explains that it is not the 500 calorie diet that is causing such dramatic loss of abnormal, stubborn fat for hypothalamus-ch.jpgmany people, but rather addressing the malfunction of the hypothalamus along with less food, seems to force the body to utilize the stored abnormal fat. The hypothalamus is the master gland that regulates metabolism and usage of stored fat and he discovered weight loss had been, and still is today, generally approached incorrectly.  You will discover the answer as to why diet and excercise stop working for many people after time. as well as more about the how metabolism is regulated by the hypothalamus and when it gets out of balance and cannot and/or does not function properly, abnormal fat stores and diet and excercise will not utilize this abnormal fat.  Dr. Simeons work is the concept our X 3 Lean Diet and our RK Rapsberry Ketone Diet Plan, however also incorporated in both of these diet plans is more complete program than the original hormone diet plan originally used on the Simeons Diet. 

CLICK HERE for more information on the X-3 Lean Simeons Diet Plan

CLICK HERE for more information on the RK Raspberry Ketone Simeons Hormone Diet Plan

Dr. Simeons' original Pounds and Inches Manuscript is a great reference to print and keep handy for multiple reads and a must read for anyone interested in understanding the Simeon's Diet and more about metabolism, the hypothalamus gland, as well as how and why his principals still work today. The Manuscript is provided as a free e-book download which enables you to save and read at your convenience on a smart phone, computer and/or tablet. Put in your cart, check out and then download when you are ready.

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