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Raspberry Ketone Reviews and FAQs


WHAT IS RASPBERRY KETONE? Raspberry ketone is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries (Rubus Idaeus) that gives them their sweet aroma.

HOW DO RASPBERRY KETONE WORK? Raspberry Ketone is said to help regulate Adiponectin, a hormone that helps boost metabolism. A decrease of Adiponectin is thought to contribute to obesity. Increased production of Adiponectin might help metabolism and increase lipolysis (fat breakdown).

IS THERE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ON RASPBERRY KETONES? A clinical study from 2004 showed that mice that were fed a high fat diet with Raspberry Ketone reduced fat, increased resting metabolism, and lost fat with no change in their diet. The same results were not found in mice that were fed a high fat diet without the Raspberry Ketone. This study was NOT performed on humans and we make no claims of the benefit of raspberry ketones.  READ THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ON MICE WITH RASPBERRY KETONES.

HOW ARE RASPBERRY KETONE USED IN YOUR PRODUCTS? We use raspberry ketone powder and/or raspberry fruit extract in several of our skincare products: RK Ultra Lean body lotion, oil-free body lotion and Rejuva 180.

WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF REGU®Slim? REGU®Slim is used in the RK Ultra Lean lotion.  REGU®Slim is a patented formula that helps reduce adipose tissue thickness and improve skin's surface appearance. It is a multi-active re-shaping and smoothing complex that helps speed up the transport of fatty acids to the cell mitochondria to be decomposed and also helps prevent the accumulation of fat in adipocytes and stimulates the degradation of stored fat – in other words, it helps reduce and flush out unwanted fat. It is designed to be used on belly fat, back fat, dimply legs, saggy upper arms and neck to help visibly tighten, tone and diminish the appearance of cellulite and ‘orange-peel dimples’.  The manufacturer of REGU®Slim reports positive results with only .05% REGU®Slim but RK Ultra Lean lotion contains a full 3% of REGU®Slim.

WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF SKINMIMICS®? Skinmimics® is also added to the Raspberry Ketone RK Ultra Lean lotion, Body Lotion, and Rejuva 180. It is an active, patented ingredient that is beneficial for dry, mature skin. It helps revitalize dry mature skin by optimizing the total upper layer of the skin management system.  It works to help repair the skin’s water protection barrier for better hydration and improve regeneration by stimulating the upper layer.